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Divine Authority

Divine Authority is a concept that is well known on Mendala but may be foreign to those unfamiliar with the world. It speaks to a spiritual belief that everyone holds: that the world leaders carry undisputable authority and power explicitly granted by the heavens. Though organized religion is non-existent in the world, the concept of God, the heavens, spirits, and the supernatural are all universally accepted truths that were settled long ago. So for Mendalians, the concept of God or the heavens explicitly appointing divine leadership is just a known part of society. It has an impact on the world as a whole, but most people don’t feel that it affects their day-to-day lives.   Much of this is due to the existence of the epouranal mages, who long ago established themselves as the divine prophets of the heaven. Though this was disputed when they first came into existence, that quickly changed, and now it is just considered accepted fact. Because of this, when the epouranals declared the divine authority of the Fantasma and later the Daughter of the Sun, it was accepted by most people as just the will of the heavens.   Divine authority also speaks to the general belief that the people that hold it are “fundamentally good.” This doesn’t imply that they are perfect or will not make unpopular decisions. It’s simply a belief that they will never abuse their power or step outside of the role that was given to them. If they did, that role would somehow be taken away from them.   Despite the fact that this was never stated or even implied, some people believe that the disappearance of the Daughter of the Sun was somehow a result of her divine authority being stripped, and that her subsequent return was a result of it being restored.
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