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List of Divine

We mortals make some meager attempt to classify that which is too vast for our minds. So it is that we bind the shifting allegiances of gods to ideas such as good and evil. To allegiances and alliances, that in reality are more complex than can be presented in a simple list. But we try.

Court of Order

Let not a feeling of disquiet stop progress. Order holds back the end. It is our only saviour against the prophecies of chaos and absurdity. We will not accept that nothing can be done.
  The court of order is synonymous with the divine Frugi, the Mother of Magic. She is a capricious Divine, with little love for mortals, except for their purpose in fulfilling her ultimate plan, and her court exists for that plan. She rages against inevitability, unable to accept that one day immortality will end.
  • The Shepherd, Amos | The Divine of Order. Worshiped variously as Amo, Asmos and Ameth. Symbols include a smooth pebble and a balancing stone. Portrayed as a young chaste maiden, an elderly scholar or sage, or a stone obelisk.
  • The Weary, Farnard | The lost Divine of Time, said to have become confused among the halls of possibility and disappeared. Rarely worshipped, sometimes called Arnadi. Symbols include a branching tree and a broken dish. Portrayed as an old man or woman.
  • The Cunning Blade, Neomia | Divine of Strategy, beloved goddess of warriors. Sometimes called Denia or Mt'tek. Symbols include a dagger and a map. Portrayed as a warrior woman or a wise elder general.
  • The Worm Dwelt Corpse, Samapkar | Divine of the ground. Once said to be lover of Frugi, imprisoned within the world for infidelity. Symbols include worms and a clump of dirt. Rarely portrayed.

The Shining Court

And Ramio placed the stars in the sky, the halls of his silver servants glittering against the void. A sign to all that time still burns brightly.
The Shining Court orbits Ramio, the Star Lord and god of reincarnation. It's cause is that of mortals. Their protection, their love, their knowledge, and their destiny.
  • The Embracing Light, Xewkan | Genderless Divine of Love, also known as Kewe and Losten. Symbols are a blooming branch and a sprouting seed. Portrayed commonly as a beam of light or an androgynous youth.
  • The Deadgatherer, Ayel | Divine of Fallen Warriors and Lord of the realm of Desper. Portrayed a weary soldier or a battlefield nurse. Symbols include an outstretched hand, a shattered tombstone and a sheathed sword.
  • The Hoard of Knowledge, Ghilli | Divine of Knowledge, symbolised by scrolls, books and a golden lock. Patron of scholars and sages, as well as some mages. Often portrayed as a floating, winged book.
  • The Four Wishes | Quad Divines of romance and loyalty, once mortals who lost one of their loves and journeyed to restore her. Symbol include a chariot with four drivers, and four horse riders.
  • The Twofold Soul, Wen | Divine of Androgyny

The Silent Court

Her breath gave life to shadows, and from her sprung forth the peace of sleep, and all the things of the night came from her womb.
The Silent Court is as much a court as it is a family. Ahe was once of Mirror Court, but when her sisters were raucous she was quiet, and when her mother plotted mischief, Ahe plotted peace. So it was she departed her mothers court, and brought forth her own.
  • The Moon's Child, Ewri | The Divine of Shadows, also called Ahe-Sele. Symbols include a puddle, and an upside down head. Portrayed as a young maiden draped in long robes or a frail naked man.
  • The Last Hour, Eane | Divine of Dawn and Dusk, also called Ahe-Ane. Symbolised by a lidded eye, and often portrayed as a woman with the sun for a face.
  • The Dream Herald, Inadi | Divine of Unconsciousness, sometimes identified as in the court of the mad. Symbolised by a feather, sometimes called Ahe-Adi. Often portrayed as a man with a ram's horns.
  • The Deep Pool, Neroi | Divine of Reflections and Midnight, most commonly portrayed as divided in the middle between male and female, dressed in blue robes. Symbolised by two heads. Also called Ahe-Ro.
  • The Encompassing Peace, Heto | Divine of Silence
  • The Small Thing, Murai | Divine of Whispers.
  • The Peaceful Unawakened, Uzao | Divine of Slumber

The Mirror Court

She festers in the mind and the soul. An infection of wickedness, the disease of mischief.
The Mirror Court is so called for it reflects the worse of human desire. It is the cruel kingdom of Drewel, the First Mischief. Concerned with the torment of humans, and the temptation of souls into darkness and sin.
  • The First Executioner, Aghme | Divine of Punishment, lady of the realm of Syhian. Symbols are a whip, lash or a sword with a bloody blade. Portrayed as a beautiful nude woman or handsome man with scarred skin.
  • The Festerance of Things, Oriah | Divine of Wealth, patroness of the Order of Coin. Symbol is a nugget of gold or a coin and a golden scythe. Also worshiped as The Blue Lady. Portrayed as an obese woman in golden robes.
  • Death Beyond Sight, Amyajik | Divine of Disease. Symbols are a skull and a rotting finger. Portrayed as a diseased man or woman with boils and other disfigurements.
  • The Vile Seduction, Onorrodi | Divine of Lust and Sensuality, co-creator of the Cura. Symbols include a wooden phallus, a blooming flower and a burning tree. Portrayed as a beautiful man or woman, or hermaphrodite.
  • The Deceiver in the Lake, The Merchant | Divine of Trickery. Symbols include die and a flipping coin. Also called Iur, and portrayed often as a small man with red eyes and robes.
  • The Eternal Rage, Melikad | Divine of Anger, symbols including a sword, a cracked stone and a broken vase. Also called Licad, and often depicted as a jealous lover, or war general.
  • The Blood Spiller, Chiseno | Divine of War, including bloodlust. Father of the realm of Hino, and its infernal legions. Symbol are a blood dripping man and a bleeding horse. Portrayed as a soldier with sword in hand, naked cannibal, or a screaming maiden.
  • The Dweller in the Lake | Divine of the continent of Pascent

Court of the Dragon

Their father said to make him proud. And though he sleeps still, for ages since last counting, they will never fail him.
The Court of the Dragon is in name the court of the Nameless First Dragon, yet in truth that god has not ruled his court for endless eons. Raya leads them now, in all but title. To the dragon god, they remain loyal, even as the ages without him pass.
  • The Flame in the Earth, Raya | Divine of Fire
  • The Serpent of the Moon | Divine of the Moon
  • The Cloud Clad Lady, Atena Yegan | Mother of the Cura and Divine of the Sky
  • The Sailor's Mistress, Nayat | Divine of the Sea
  • The Lioness, Shiood | Divine of Beasts
  • The Coiling Serpent, Tinati | Divine of Greed and Serpents
  • The Eater of the Sun, Arven | Divine of Light
  • The Bone Chiller, Medelus | Divine of Winter

The Mad Court

Call out for me, and I shall answer. So it is he proclaimed. Yet he did not say which guise would answer, be it nightmare, or the harmless fool.
Court of Urali, the Mad God.
  • The Grey Morning, Shyeaw | Divine of Rain
  • The Inspirer, Zghan | Divine of Art
  • The Dancer in the Snow, Eiif | Divine of Snow
  • The Quill Holder, Jaynet | Divine of Poetry, Prose and Music
  • The Midnight Quaker, Tihaz | Divine of Nightmares
  • The Striking Bell, Larkon | Divine of Thunder and Lightning
  • The Drifting Illusion, Rakiri | Divine of Mist and Fog
  • The Bubbling Brewess, Alcani | Divine of Alchemy
  • The Shadowed Tongue, Deyteria | Divine of Secrets
  • The Heavenly Light, Sumeri | Divine of Deception and Illusion
  • The Written One, Tahtes | Divine of the misspoken word
  • The Lusting Maiden, Miral | Divine of desire and lust

The Golden Court

The hand extended is never one wasted. Their rejection should not harm you, for you know you offered.
Court of Kho Alehi, God of Medicine.
  • The Leaf Changer, Erdise | Divine of Seasons
  • The Bloom of Youth, Khalsa | Divine of Flowers
  • The Growth, Aneri | Divine of Agriculture
  • The Frolicker, Sajii | Divine of Spring
  • The Softly Drifting, Genon | Divine of Clouds
  • The Striker of Anvils, Dimitrisi | Divine of Craft and Invention
  • The Luminescent Lady, Medalian | Divine of Beauty

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  • The Frozen Doom, Verti | Divine of Ice


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