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The Festerance of Things

The fool's gold is easily parted. Beware a golden tongue speaking words.
  Oriah is the Divine of Wealth. A daughter of Drewel, Oriah is a Festering One and one of the younger of the Divine.   Oriah encompasses wealth, and her followers are the Order of Coin. Though often disparaged by those outside her followers, her dealings in the mortal realm are strictly guided by rules and regulations. She is goddess of wealth, but not ill gotten gain. She is patron of treasurers, accountants, merchants, traders, bankers, moneylenders, swindlers, and so forth. Her symbol is a golden scythe.  


Oriah has dealt with the mortal realm for many millennia, one of the more engaged Divine within the mortal realm. She has held a great grudge with her brother The Merchant since they were young, after her brother cheated her in a bet over a human city. She is close with her elder sibling Onorrodi, with both sharing an interest in the darker aspects of the human desire.  


To summon the Mother of Gold is an easy task. Oriah always seeks wealth, and those who can offer her that will find her grace easily invited, though you may never see her. To summon Oriah, cast a golden coin into a fire and speak your desire. Should Oriah seek to reward you, your wish shall be granted.
Divine Classification
Festering One


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