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Shyeaw, The Grey Morning

I was a man. I am a god. Yet in some moments I feel like neither, a lost spirit drifting in the void. Instead of feeling forsaken, I dance with the currents to a lonely song.
  Shyeaw (ipa: ʃ j ɛ o) is a Divine, the aspect of rain, a Severed God born in the Age of the Crucible with the splintering of the Creature of Beginnings.   Shyeaw was born when Creature of Beginnings was split by Guamata and fell to Macalgra in shards. On that day, among the many shards of its Animus that shattered upon the world, a shard fell upon a small village in Tulan. From the ruins, a new being emerged - the fusion of every man and woman who perished in that moment; Shyeaw was born.   He is the consort of Urali, Divine of Madness  


The sun burned bright at midnight on that day. When the sunset should have come tawny dusk never spread its wings to blot out the sky. At first I watched from the step of my home but in time my neighbours began to gather in the town square and I joined them. Staring up at the sky, whispers running among the crowd about what might be happening.

A priest had just started to lead the children in quiet prayer when the first star fell from heaven.
  When the final flame whimpered and blew out, all that remained of that small town was ashes and a man standing among them.  
Pain spun through my mind when my eyes opened. I squeezed them shut again to block the blinding light, but it did nothing for the pain and the acrid smoke that wormed its way into my lungs and made me choke. It felt like a wildfire burning through my skull, making everything tingle and buzz until I feared it would squeeze out my ears.

Burnt and weary, I stumbled from remains of a building - bricks thrown so haphazardly it was hard to tell what it had once been. I cradled my head, eyes burning and straining to peer through the dusty air, every breath ravaging my throat like I swallowing a dagger.

Memories had begun to form among the pain. For a brief moment I was Alai, the schoolteacher, remonstrating a girl for pulling her sister's hair. Then I was a grandmother baking a pie for her son's new bride and worrying if the filling was cooked while she pulled the steaming dish from the fire. I was a man laying bricks under the harsh sun, I was a hunter peering between fronds to watch grazing deer.

I remembered all and none of my lives. Some felt familiar, solidly mine, though perhaps not this incarnation of me. Others were alien and disjointed, making my stomach turn when I watched them.

I remembered soaring through a void, free and shapeless, intense curiosity burning in my mind. When I looked down at my body, part of me recoiled in disgust at this strange physical nature and another piece was comforted to realise I still had every limb.

What had happened to me? Who was me? I was none of those memories, something different and new.


"Why do you make the sky tear up?"

I peered at the man who now stood by my side, tilting my head to take him in. At first I was surprised to find him here so suddenly, but the power that glowed around him told me a lot. He was of the same strange sort of creature like me, though far older. I cleared my throat. "It washes away the filth of the day, starts a new one. I like that transition."

"What name do you take? I am The Never Was." He smiled, offering one hand - as white as bone, the fingers long and frail.

I took his hand hesitantly and then bowed my head in greeting. "I am Shyeaw."

"Welcome to the ranks of the Divine, Shyeaw."
  Shyeaw is the consort of Urali, the Mad God. The two met soon after Shyeaw's creation, and Urali became the young god's mentor. In time the two entered a relationship, which has now lasted over 9,000 years. Together they dwell within The Dream  


Shyeaw is a popular Divine among some cults in Tulan, his home continent, but he is rarely worshiped outside of Tulan. Some identify him with the Cloud God of northern mythology, but most consider them separate beings. He is most popular with farmers praying for rain. He is sometimes adopted as protector of small villages.  


Prayer to Shyeaw is not a popular request, and the Divine is not the most charitable. He is not malevolent either, that said. He will sometimes grant boons of rain or a small protection, especially to the downtrodden and vulnerable. To summon Shyeaw, a bowl of fresh, clean water and a wooden token carved in the image of a mouse should be placed in a circle of dust. Then one should speak a prayer to him in the Old Nai tongue with your request.
Divine Classification
Severed God
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Grey Morning, Divine of Rain
Sama Tula


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