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And the doors of Hino shall open and on a road of blood the legions will ride, in the fire of cleansing war, with the rage of war lust in their unbeating heart and Chiseno shall be their general.
  Chiseno, Divine of War and Bloodlust, he who is the gore of battle and the sword of Drewel. The child of Drewel, and one of the gods of the Mirror Court, Chiseno is infamous, respected, and yet despised by mortals and immortals alike. He is father of the realm of Hino, and the creator of its famed legions that shall ride to war when time ends.   His symbols are a bleeding horse and a blood dripping man, and among mortals he is also worshiped as Hinoseno.  


Chiseno was Drewel's greatest creation when she split her soul and shaped her children. He was born of her fear, and rose to be his mother's champion, defender of her court, and her closest confidant.   Frugi was enraged when she discovered his creation, and she tried to cast down Chiseno, and was beaten back by his elder brother Melikad. From then on Chiseno grew in hiding, like a tumour, and for millennia Frugi searched the cosmos for him, fearful of what he represented. Fearful of Drewel's power eclipsing her own.   He emerged a grown god after eons, powerful, with a legion at this command. Fearful of Frugi's tryanny Ramio had given to him a portion of the souls of man for a single year, and Chiseno took the greatest warriors who fell, and with them he fashioned a legion of power. He trained them in the most brutal arts and flame magic and equipped them with armor fashioned from the scales of a great serpent.   When the Blood Fire, Frugi's foolish creation, ravaged the heavens it was Chiseno who led the forces that assailed Frugi's realm and destroyed her monstrous jewel. From then, Chiseno took his place among the Divine, and Frugi - her realm lost and her power quelled for a time - reluctantly accepted him into their number.  


Chiseno is worshiped by warriors across the world. He is the patron of the sixth house of Morioka, and the soldiers of many nations give prayer to him for blessing in the battle ahead. His rare favour is the rage of a berserker, forgetting pain and consequence, only knowing destruction and victory. The legendary Smoke Warriors are favoured particularly for this blessing, and though they also give prayer to other gods Chiseno is their most important.  
Sacrifice to Chiseno is the only method by which one can surely obtain his attention. Blood is his passion, the warm fervor of life that calls to him. Only life taken will count you as a true supplicant of Chiseno, and for this reason summoning the god is tricky and perhaps ill advised. Spill the blood of an enemy upon a stone, and call for him, and he may come.


Hino was fashioned in the ages since Chiseno joined the pantheon of Divine. It is the realm of blood given form. War, lust and avarice of all kind are fostered and brutality is encouraged. Death is but temporary here, for the souls who die in Chiseno are not given an escape to reincarnation. To tempt fate by visiting this ill realm is unwise, for few escape. The worthy might become infernal soldiers, and the unworthy nothing but entertainment.   The realm abuts that of his sister Aghme, where punishment is meted out, at times with the assistance of Chiseno's legion.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Divine Classification
Divine, God of Blood
Current Residence
Realm of Hino

Mentioned Here

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  • Melikad - Divine of Anger
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