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The Divine are as strange as they are numerous. To list them all would require more pages than have been printed, and it is prideful to think mortals truly know the names of more than a handful of their number. Some interfere with the realm of mortals for amusement, a scant few operate regularly within our plane, and yet others are known only because of their children. It is well advised to tread carefully where the Divine are concerned.
  The Divine are the eldest and most powerful of the Immortal. Though some call them gods, the Divine are variously worshiped, hated or have their existence denied by mortals and they are not gods in such a manner as the One and Six Gods, though some of them have been worshiped by mortals.   The one unifying factor of the Divine is their immense power and status as ruling beings of the cosmos. Yet they are not intrinsically bound to the world, and many interact with it scarcely. The vast majority of their number dwell beyond Macalgra in the Outer Realms, rarely intervening with the mortal realm; yet even to that their are exceptions.  


There are many ways to classify a Divine. The topic is debated among mortal scholars endlessly. Power, age, realms of influence, lineage and origin are all used to classify their kind.   The most popular classification is that used by Hadan's Guide to Summoning, established by Hadan Amargio in his pioneering attempt to classify the Divine. It is an endless task, for they multiply regularly, and their contact with the mortal realm can be hazy and confused. Impersonating each other or taking new names or forms in visitations. The cultures of the world view them in many different aspects and ways as a result.  

Old Ones

Seven Old Ones,
To blight the darkness.

With a chuckle comes mischief,
A mortal couple her ill given gift.
The most universal classification is that of the Old Ones. They are also known as the first gods, archaic gods, worldshapers, and many other names. They are small in number - seven exactly. The first seven beings to emerge from The Void, banish the darkness, and shape Macalgra. Their influence is felt in every aspect of the world to this day, yet many of them have not been seen in eons, and others are now lost. Ramio and Drewel remain the only Old One active in the mortal realm. Frugi has meddled little with Macalgra since the time of Anenky, Samapkar and Farnard are possibly deceased, or at least lost, and the two Behemoths slumber.  

Shattered Spirits

The shattered spirits, or severed gods as they are sometimes called, are unique among the Divine for their origin. Once a single great entity, the Creature of Beginnings was shattered by Guamata and their essence split into many fragments. Many of these possessed or merged with mortal souls, and formed new deities. The severed are these deities, part mortal and part pure spirit.  

Further classification

Most other Divine may be sorted roughly by the courts which they belong to. Not all owe allegiance to a greater divine, and some are only theoretical in their allegiance. Their power and capabilities often vary by age, but there are those gods who are unduly influential despite young origins.
List of Divine
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A inconclusive attempt to classify the Divine of Macalgra.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants


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