The first soul of the people woke the magic in times almost forgotten. Anenky was the first summoners name, who called from the heavens the powers of magic. The Familiars came to be under his command, and with the spirit Nofre he had a love as bright as the stars. The the fields of death never held him, for he tricked even the gods. Travelers still call upon Anenky and Nofre as they pass through the dark night. The lucky may meet the ethereal couple upon the strike of midnight, and be guided to shelter.
— The Legend of Magic by Omius Helvius
  Anenky was the first mage, an ancient man of the Plains of Hakassa near modern Senet'tu. He was born somewhere around 5000 RC, as the first human with a soul large enough to perform complex magic. Anenky has featured in numerous myths and stories, many of which scholars believe are nothing more than fabrications by later authors, and some which are perhaps more truthful.  

His Life

Anenky was born around 5000 RC, some 8000 years before present, to a tribe on the Plains of Hakassa. He performed his first magic as a teenager, the circumstances of which vary by tale. As an adult Anenky summoned the first Familiar and began the tradition of contracting spirits to assist mages, spreading the knowledge of how to both mortals and spirits.   Anenky later had a romantic relationship with his familiar, the spirit Nofre, and a daughter Tamenei to a mortal woman. Tamenei herself was the first mage to create a contract with a Divine. He was made chieftain of his tribe later in life, and dedicated himself to protecting and helping his people. Under his guidance, it is said that they built the first human city and he became King of it and the wealthiest man of the ancient world.   It is said that he was so wealthy he would give a home and a job to anyone who sought to settle in his city. The ancient city of Anen still stands, and claims to be the city Anenky once ruled.  

The Trickery of the Gods

His love with Nofre has gained its own tales, and one of those is the most famous myth of Anenky. Anenky is said to have been disdainful of the gods, and in time he attracted the attention of Frugi for discouraging her worship among his native people. Frugi, as always a very wrathful being, warned him to build a temple in her name and make his people worship at her altar or she would strike down him and destroy his city.   Anenky would not bow to her or force his people to worship her, so she broke his contract with Nofre and imprisoned Anenky outside of time. There, Anenky and Frugi spoke at length. It is said Frugi wished to understand why he would defy her despite being so much weaker. Anenky disputed this, and enraged Frugi by calling her weak of mind. Prone to nothing but anger, without critical thought.   Frugi was enraged but Anenky surprised her by challenging her to a bet. He claimed that she could never convince his tribe to follow her willingly, and if she could, he would give her the city as a holy temple to her. But if she lost, he would be granted immortality and she would never harm his city or any friend of Anenky again.   Frugi agreed and the two returned to the world, where the people of Anen had gathered. Frugi took the form of a beautiful woman, and Anenky stood beside her. Frugi gave to the people of Anen beautiful artworks and a tree that grew the most delicious fruit in all the world. She offered them plentiful harvests and healthy children, her blessings and favour. When she had finished speaking, Anenky spoke to each of them by name, as a friend, though he did not offer them anything. It was after this the people of Anen choose Anenky and Frugi furiously left, though she has kept her oath ever since.
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