Guamata, The Destroyer is the primordial darkness, chaos and malevolence personified, and the first of The Divines. Guamata escaped from the void at the beginning of time, and the other gods followed his trail under the leadership of Frugi. But the other gods feared Guamata, and so the Serpent of the Moon used its power to erect a barrier around reality. Outside of this wall Guamata has festered ever since.   Significant debate about the nature of Guamata has taken place between mortals and gods alike. Like most of the Divines, he may change physical form at will, though most of the gods have only witnessed him in the form of a shadow taken form.   The gods tell that at the end of time Guamata shall destroy this wall and descend upon the world, seeking to destroy all. His power is significant enough that he destroyed the Creature of Beginnings without little effort, and so the gods fear him beyond any other thing in creation.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Guamata is little more than the force of darkness in a being. Though he is in a way sapient, his morality and conscience are none existent and instinct guides his actions. The instinct with which he was born being to destroy, and to spread the dark.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Darkness, the Destroyer
Biological Sex


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