Creation of the world


Genesis that began with chaos shall end in chaos.
  Before time, the world was unfilled. Then came spirit and in the darkness shape was given by the hands of chaos. A womb of entropy creating and destroying, playing out infinite possibilities in finite time. Among these possibilities a beast of great cunning was born, and plotted.   In time it crept from the void as the Herald of the Dark. In the trail of darkness came the betrayers called order. The Lord of Stars, the Mother of Magic, the First Mischief, the Weary Traveler, the Worm Dwelt Corpse, the Nameless Dragon and the Serpent. They saw the crawling darkness and they feared it. While the darkness looked upon the world and crept to its vast corners with curiosity, they conspired. The betrayers imprisoned darkness by guile, scattering its unspeakable fragments. Seven gods to shatter darkness and bind it beyond the universe, until time shall stop again, and the end come as the prophecy of the Traveler tells.  


Among the spirits of the world were the first of the Divine. Frugi, the golden maiden; Ramio, the star lord; Drewel, the mischief; the Nameless First Dragon, father of reptiles, and Serpent of the Moon, the great protector. It is this host who beheld the universe first, full of vast possibility.   Within this wall Frugi and Ramio took the magic they beheld and shaped it into the world itself. The Serpent also took some and made the moon, and there the Serpent rested from its great labour, in a paradise of its own making. And on the world Frugi had crafted, the Nameless First Dragon placed his nest and spawned his kind.   Yet, among the gods, order did not rule. Drewel grew jealous, and so she created mortals to spoil Frugi‚Äôs paradise. She scattered mortals on the surface of the world, and when they were d discovered, Frugi struck them down in a great rage, destroying all they had made.   As the forests burned and the mortals died, Ramio calmed Frugi, and he called together Drewel and the First Dragon; for none had realised what Drewel had truly done until they had died. For the spirits of these creatures were like them, but lesser, and existed still once death had taken their fragile bodies. And in time they grew more like the divine host as they aged.   Some among the spirits were fearful, for they saw in mortals competitors, but Frugi alone saw opportunity. For these creatures could be their saviors at the end of time, when darkness must descend upon the world. And so she crafted a new race of mortals and placed them upon the world, to procreate, and live endless lives, and so create an army for the end of time.   This is how the world began, but the world did not end its change in that time. For more creatures crawled from the void in latter ages, and the host created more of their kind in time, and mortals changed and split in their form, and many colourful forms of mortal were crafted by creatures of the void.


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