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Farnard, Divine of Time, the lost traveler and the weary voyager. It was Farnard who was among the first seven gods who emerged from the void and claimed the universe, yet even then he was a being with an ever wandering mind. In time, he began to withdraw from reality and he left only a prophecy - The Last Hunt - before he vanished into the veins of time.   Farnard was rarely worshiped, and deigned not to make contact with mortals regularly. He is primarily known by the prophecy, which is holy text or a heretical scandal depending on which religion is concerned. He was also sometimes called Arnadi. Symbols include a branching tree and a broken dish. He had one child, Deyteria.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Divine Classification
Divine, God of Time and Prophecy

Mentioned Here

  • Deyteria - Divine of Secrets

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