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The Embracing Light, Xewkan

I am the dark rage of the widow. I am the bright light of love. I am the avenger of lost love, the protector of new love, the keeper of old love. I light the torches that burn in every soul.
  Xewkan, Divine of Love, the burning light and pillar of love, both platonic and romantic. With the The Four Wishes, Xewkan governs the love of mortals, and acts as protector of mortal and immortal love. In contrast to Onorrodi, Xewkan is the aspect of relationships instead of lust.   Xewkan emerged from the Void in the Age of Humanity and adopted mortals as their mission in existence. Unable to decide upon a single appearance, Xewkan embraced the diversity of humanity, taking a changing and fluid form. Ever since they have been active upon the mortal plane.  


Xewkan is followed by many people, and proves one of the most popular Divine among mortals. The Aiata of Elebih call Xewkan by Cina Ang. They are often symbolised by a blooming branch and a sprouting seed. Their priesthood, the Cin Akan are best known for their white hooded robes, blessed to glow faintly with holy light. Xewkan's regular interference in mortal affairs is one of the few examples of such behaviour by a Divine.  
To summon Xewkan one need not concoct a spell or perform a ritual. A simple visit to the temple of the Cin Akan is all one needs to acquire the attention of their god, permission of Xewkan's priests permitting.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Divine Classification
Divine, Deity of Love
Current Residence

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