Eiif, Divine of Snow and the falling flakes, father of the Snow Fae, ruler of the realm of Iel. Eiif was born of Urali Madness and Shyeaw Rain, with many siblings. It is said that when they coupled, madness made it rain in the wrong direction, and when the rain rose so high it froze, it became snow. And so Eiif was made. He is a bringer of both cold beauty, clean snow, and the rage of a blizzard. Some mortals call him fickle, but his followers disagree. Eiiff is primarily worshiped by his children, the snow fae, but he has a following among the people of the far north who might hope to gain his favour.   His symbol is a heavy coat or a falling flake of snow.  
Eiif's blessing is as fickle as the weather he represents. To call upon his favour, one must have a true request, not a fickle desire, for the fickle like he are only slowed by the material. Gather a bowl of fresh snow and bless your hands with the melt water, and pray to Eiif in silence and quiet.


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