When the blood of her worshipers was spoiling the grass, and soaking into Samapkar's cold earth, Neroi appeared in a moonbeam. Her rage was so great she poured through the barrier between spirit and mundane, becoming a part of our realm for a moment, and her power lashed out, destroying all who dared lay hand upon her faithful.
— From the story of the Midnight Tower
  Neroi (also called Ahe-Ro) is the Divine of Midnight and Reflections; the deep pool that reflects the soul and the truth within, and the lady of the moment between days. They are a duality, both male and female, dead and alive, mundane and immortal. Their nature is fractured and yet forms once greater whole. They are a daughter of Ahe, Divine of Night and son of Urali, Divine of Madness.   The Midnight Sisters worship Neroi, symbolising them with two heads - one male, one female.  


Neroi was born when Ahe, the night, laid with Urali, the madness. From their union many gods who reflected the aspects of the evening and dark were born; among them Ewri, Eane and Neroi themself.  


The most famous myth of Neroi is the story of their intervention in the massacre at the Midnight Tower, when troops of the Sura Empire attempted to capture the tower, dedicated to Neroi. They pulled so much themselves into the mortal realm to smite them that they thereafter spent nearly a century as they slowly unraveled themself from the mortal realm.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Neroi is both a female and a male. Their worshippers use either pronouns, or neutral. Neroi often appears as androgynous, or literally a split between male and female.


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