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Draped across the royal lap was a serpent as plump as a man's forearm, scales glossy as oil on water. As court wound through the hall - the poor and down complaining of bandits, foul water and dying crops - no one thought of the king's new pet. No one thought that their downfall could lie with a simple snake.
  Tinati, the Coiling Snake, is the Divine of greed and serpents, the eldest of the Divine after the Archaic themselves, and the first Divine born into reality after the exodus from the Void.   Tinati has long been goddess of serpents and reptiles, as well as all other creatures of greed. She is in this aspect, patron of Dragons and the Dorcia. She is the lover of Jehan, the First Snake, and the sole daughter of the Serpent of the Moon. It is commonly held that snakes are the reincarnations of the victims of her trickery.  


Tinati is rarely worshiped on the mortal plane. She prefers privacy and secrecy. Only the eldest and most archaic books note her existence at all. She is not recorded in Hadan's Guide to Summoning, and as such, the methods to summon her are obscure. For those who know of Tinati, she brings fear, but also the offer of great power. Her deals are seldom beneficial to their recipients though, and she delights in trickery to increase her own power, knowledge and wealth.
Divine Classification
Festering One


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