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The Deadgather Ayel

I came from the void, mewling and incoherent. Before me an orb lay, beautiful and green and I peered down upon the thing I had discovered. I saw mortals who walked the surface of this orb, so vibrant and creative, making things so new to me. And then I witnessed war.

I witnessed blood staining emerald green grass and marring the shine of blades. I saw brave mortals who fought to protect their homes even when their masters were foolish. The injustice was a razor through my mind. I could at least offer a small mercy to these fallen. And so I became Ayel, the shadow who watches.
— Ayel, to a Priest of the Order of Samati
  Ayel is the Deadgatherer, the Divine of the warrior's graves. A Grey God who emerged from the void in the Age of the Crucible, he chose the grave's of warriors as his aspect upon first witnessing a war among mortals.   Ayel gathers the souls of the dead upon the battlefield, offering them eternity in his realm of Desper or to return to the world to be reincarnated. Ayel also guards the monuments and graves of the dead, punishing those who would defile them. He is customarily prayed to by the widows of the fallen.   For five thousand years he was consort of Shiood, with whom he has two Divine children - Arven, the Sun and Raya, Flame, but their relationship ended over two thousand years ago.

Divine Domains

The graves of warriors.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Ayel customarily wears the guise of a warrior with cloven hooves and the antlers of a great deer when he walks upon Macalgra, draped in armour from ancient ages.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Ayel identifies and present himself as male.
Divine Classification
Grey God


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