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Larkon, Divine of Thunder, the Striking Bell, the Lord of Light. A child of Urali and Shyeaw, and born among many siblings, Larkon was the eldest. The golden god is the warrior, the protector of his siblings, and the sword of the Mad Court.   Though neither Shyeaw or Urali might merit discussion as the most powerful of gods, both are cunning, and together their minds are strong. They brought forth Larkon to be their might, granting to him strength from their own souls, and the power of lightning. His staff of thunder is a feared weapon, forged in the smithies of Dimitrisi to celebrate his birth.   His followers, the Golden Monks are small in number but dedicated, and his temples may be found most numerously in Victellus, where his parents also hold much sway. Their symbol is a golden staff.  
Before the night falls, when the day is waning, make a circle in the dust and place an item of gold in its midst. Then raise your eyes to the sky, and call upon Larkon. If he deems you worthy, your wish shall be granted.


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