Neomia, the Cunning Blade, Divine of Strategy, patron of rogues and assassins, generals and commanders. Child of a troubled romance between the Mother of Magic, Frugi and the Mother of Earth, Samapkar, Neomia was born in early days of the world from their love. Yet it was a love that did not last, and when her mothers fought, Neomia became a bitter deity.   She was strategy and cunning, and became the tool of Frugi's wrath. The instrument of her feud with Drewel, and in time the counterpart to Chiseno, Bloodlust and War.   She vowed, it is said, to never take a lover for all romance is foolish. A strategy where the enemy shall turn your heart against you. Though not chaste, romantic relationships are forbidden to her followers, the Maidens of Ichor. Her symbol, and the order's too, is a dagger or a map, or at times a map pierced by a dagger.  

Pierce thy thumb, and place a droplet of your blood in a bowl of pure water. Place this offering in the center of a map spread on the ground, and speak your wish to Neomia. She may not answer, but to the spurned lovers of the world, she is kindest.


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