Ghilli, Divine of Knowledge, the endless archive, the hoard of knowledge given form. Child of Arven and Aneri, he was born of their romance, a son of the light. Though he chose neither his parents courts, for he was seduced by Ramio in time and given a place among the Shining Court.  


Ghilli is the Lord of Knowledge, patron most prominently of librarians, archivists, scholars and academics. His followers also call him Ven, though he does not have a numerous priesthood. His symbol is a golden lock or a scroll. The shrines of Ghilli usually double as libraries, especially in Petassius where he is a popular god. Here, his priests serve as an academic class and the national archivists.  
To summon Ghilli, one simply needs to be truly in need of knowledge. It is rare he would deny a mortal the desire to know more. This is not always a good thing, but he has rarely given them more than they could handle.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Divine Classification
Divine, God of Knowledge

Mentioned Here

  • Ramio - Divine of Reincarnation
  • Aneri - Divine of Agricultural
  • Arven - Divine of Light
  • Petassius - Northern magocractic nation.

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