Petassius is a magocracy on the continent of Skug. It was founded in 1600 by colonists from Vildarik, a group of mages exiled by the Cult of Samsus. The nation is centered around the only settlement on the continent, the city of Petassius. The way of life of the people of Petassius is shaped by the magical vortex that ravages their home continent and the economy of the nation is largely based on the exporting of Petassius wood, which is desired across the world. Great trade ships stop at Petassius to acquire the wood and trade in luxuries and goods unable to be made in Petassius.


The nation of Petassius is the sole sovereign body on Skug. The continent was the very last settled due to its inhospitable environment, but humans have a way of fulfilling every niche possible. The first society on Petassius was in fact the first in the world, created by Drewel to corrupt the perfect world the gods had made and perished when they were destroyed by the goddess Frugi. The magic vortex was left behind by this great outburst, leaving the continent uninhabited until relatively recently.   The first human attempt to recolonise Skug took place around 2200 YSB. It failed when the settlers starved to death due to a crop failure, the magic vortex destroying most plants they attempted to grow.   The second colonial attempt happened two hundred years later when a hundred mage settlers from Vildarik founded the city of Petassius. The second colonial attempt was made by exiled mages after the rise of the Cult of Samsus. These colonists were far better equipped to deal with the vortex, as they could use protective spells on themselves and their homes. They founded what became the nation of Petassius.
Geopolitical, Kingdom