Amos, Divine of Order, the tool of Frugi's will and the champion of time. The Shepherd as he is called by his worshipers. His symbol is a straight rod, and the sun orbiting the world. Amos is the single son of Ramio and Frugi.  


Amos was born to be a tool. Created to combine the power of the two most ancient of the Divine, and be their champion and final bulwark against Chaos. Frugi reasoned that if Farnard's prophecy of the Last Hunt did not mention her children, then they would be exempt from its rules, and perhaps she could change time through them. So it was that she set out to create the most powerful of children.   Frugi bore Nayat, Atena Yegan, Neomia, and Shiood, and yet she was unsatisfied. So she entreated Ramio with her plan and reluctantly he agreed to this scheme. Amos was born from their coupling.   He was given Order by his mother, and his life was plotted out by her. Yet he saw no reason to tremble before his legacy, for as he was told, all depended on him. The gods and mankind alike. He was to be the champion who would save reality, or so the tail spun by his mother said.  


Amos is not widely worshiped by mortals. He is in most ways unknowable to mortals, for his concerns are those of time and existence, though not perhaps by his own choice. He is worshiped by a small cult in Bakieh, and has a small shrine there. Among the Aeondra he is hailed, for they hold great respect for his father Ramio, but he has no priesthood.  
To summon Amos is not, to my knowledge, a possible task. Many old wives tales gives ways by which this may be achieved, but no proven academic summoner has reported success with a single of these methods. He is, of the named Divine, perhaps the least human.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Divine Classification
Divine, God of Order

Mentioned Here

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