Oh fair Cura, no mere woman may equal your beauty, but neither is any man as full of malice.
  The Cura are a race of fair skinned, light boned, and cruel minded people. They are the descendants of Atena Yegan, divine of the Sky, created of the union between Atena and Onorrodi, and shaped by Atena into mortal forms. The modern Cura are descended from the seven children that were born of this divine union.   Also known as the Fair People or Fae to humans, the Cura are renowned for their beauty, debauchery and cruelty. Seeing mere humans as beneath them, they have used their kingdom's wealth and defenses to flout this fact to humans, and they're largely disliked by humans for their arrogance and widespread use of human slaves.

Basic Information


The anatomy of Cura is not significantly different to human-base standard. Atena shaped them in the image of her mother's creation, for her skills laid in the area of sky and weather not in weaving flesh. But in them she placed the traits her skills did allow her to impart or which she saw as useful.   Lighter bones, honeycombed like those of birds. Slimmer, taller bodies, and tighter muscle fibers, larger lungs and blood adapted through the use of extra nitric oxide to push more oxygen around the body.

Biological Traits

Cura are slighter than humans, being much lighter boned, with thinner bodies and less muscle mass. They have less sexual dimorphism than humans, with males barely more muscular and the breasts small on females. Neither gender grows facial or body hair. All Cura possess an innate ability to use their soul's energy to levitate themselves or objects. They also have an extreme immunity to the cold, granted to them by Atena.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

The average Cura has a pointed face, with light bones and nearly androgynous features. Slight, pointed ears curve up and way from the head. Eye colours vary wildly.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Cura are almost exclusively found within Curaslin

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Kingdom of Curaslin is the main polity where Cura may be found, and the only one which is led by their people.

Beauty Ideals

The ideal Cura in the eyes of most Cura would likely be tall, thin, androgynous, and particularly vivid hair and eye colourings are usually favoured.

Gender Ideals

Cura gender ideals vary very little between the two genders. The rearing of children, home duties and other roles are shared fairly equally. Both genders have always participated in the military and labour.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship is usually relatively short within Cura culture. Relationships may not be very long themselves, so long courtships make little sense. An individual may be courted by and invited to a Linmae group by its members, but it is taboo to ask entrance oneself.

Relationship Ideals

Given their descent from the god of sensuality, the Cura have inherited a rather flexible view of relationships. Permanent relationships, while by no means discouraged, are not extremely common. Most relationships are more than two way, sometimes involving up to a dozen individuals. These groups are called Linmae.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The primary tongue of the Cura is called Curaseth.
Atena Yegan
500 years
Average Height
1.8 to 2 metres
Average Weight
55-80 kg
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The skin of Cura varies in shade from pale porcelain white to a aqua tint. Brown-tan colours are also common. Hair colours are wildly variant, including bright blues, purples, pinks, aquas, pastels, pure white, and browns.


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