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Bless the ceaseless night. Bless the Lady in her court of silent heralds. Long may the timeless moment be. In the peaceful dark we mourn our lost, and dance for they have joined the Lady now.
— Forjorni scripture on Vildagin.
  Ahe, the Resting One, Divine of Night, the dawn before light and the dusk after life. Ahe rose to wider knowledge of mortals in only recent times, for hers is the Silent Court, but she has dwelt among the Divine for longer than most of their number. By some she is called Anan, and among the Forjorni she is worshiped as The Lady, and with them her court has a close connection.   Ahe's symbol is the eclipsed sun, the dark eye unblinking, and the sleeping veil.  


Ahe was born of Drewel when she split her soul, creating among many children night. Ahe was unlike her brethren, and could not or would not fulfill her mothers wish. She was quiet when her siblings were raucous, and peaceful when her sisters were violent. So it was that Ahe left her mother's court, and settled in the peaceful shadows.   She laid with the son of Urali, Rakiri the mist born god, and brought forth Ewri, Shadows; Eane, Dusk and Dawn; Inadi, Sleep; and Neroi, Reflections and Midnight.  


The people of the far northern island of Forjorn worship Ahe as the Lady, in the visage of a death goddess and a psychopomp and guide of the dead, leading the souls of the passed to the embracing, peaceful lands of night. She is also known as Anan, and among some orders worshiped as the goddess of emptiness and absence. The Silent Faithful are devoted to the worship of her and her children, and maintain shrines across the civilised world, though they are a small order.  
You must summon Ahe at the rise of the darkest portion of the night, in a place of the deepest shadow, and when you can only see the moon, place a shallow dish of the clearest water. In its reflection, speak your wish. Pray to Ahe, call upon the night. If she is merciful, the shadows of Ewri will carry your hall to the halls of endless night, and she shall grant your wish.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Divine Classification
Divine, Goddess of Night
Current Residence
Realm of Shadows

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  • Drewel - Divine of Mischief
  • Ewri - Divine of Shadows
  • Eane - Divine of Dusk and Dawn
  • Inadi - Divine of Sleep
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  • Rakiri - Divine of Mist and Fog
  • Urali - Divine of Madness

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