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Three Graces

Lizzie Carillon, Alysoun Edgarton, and Thesan Wain take on a longstanding question (what led to the death of Temple and Delphina Carillon in 1922) as the Second World War comes to an end in Europe. Set during the spring and summer of 1945.   Check out the other Carillon family arc books for more about Temple's fall and the consequences of his choices.  
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Three Graces deals with some difficult topics around the death (at the hands of the Council) of Temple Carillon and his wife Delphina. The three protagonists are digging into decades-old secrets, and have to navigate carefully to avoid tipping their hands.   At the same time, the end of the war in Europe means that a number of patterns and usual supports aren't available, and the three women have to navigate some new situations. However, there's no violence on the page, and discussions of the eventual outcome focus on character's feelings rather than descriptions of the details.   Of note for representation: Alysoun lives with what we'd call fibromyalgia and routinely uses a cane, and Thesan is autistic.

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Margot Lytton Williams is first introduced (chronologically) in Bound For Perdition.   Ancient Trust covers the immediate aftermath of Temple and Delphina's death, when Geoffrey Carillon returns to Albion.   The Carillon family arc, Edgarton family arc and Fortier & Landry families arc pages give an outline of the previous books involving the relevant families.

Illusion of a Boar leads up to the events final chapter.
  As The Ground Shifts is an extra sharing some scenes ranging from April of 1944 in Illusion of a Boar through the end of Three Graces.

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