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Fortier & Landry families arc

While not yet as prolific in terms of arcs as the Carillon or Edgarton families, the Fortier and Landry families are tightly intertwined after 1870. So far, here are the relevant titles, and I am currently contemplating a Victorian series (likely a trilogy) dealing with events leading up to a key family moment in 1889. Check out the notable family events in the timeline in the sidebar.  

Fortier Family

Garin and Isembard are the children of Dagobert and Laudine Fortier. Dagobert was the second son of his parents and inherited the land magic and title at Arundel in January 1890 at the death of his older brother, Clovis.   Garin marries Livia, with Livia taking a seat on the Council in 1905 and Garin in 1907 (after a failed attempt in 1903). Garin inherits the land magic at Arundel in 1913, on his father's death.   Isembard struggles after the Great War before becoming a teacher at Schola in autumn 1923. He marries Thesan in December 1925, and they have two children, Ursula and Leo.  

Landry Family

Gaultier Landry was killed in the siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War on September 18th, 1870. His widow (Henutsekhemu), son (Phillip), and unborn son (Alexander) arrive in Albion on the 19th, seeking refuge with and help from the Fortiers. Alexander is born in November 1870.   Alexander is brought into close ties with the Fortiers, who support his education. After his brother and mother die six months apart in 1889, he is sent on a Grand Tour of Europe and Egypt. On his return, he successfully challenges for the Council in 1897. He helps train Garin, then Isembard and Perry Judson (Isembard's best friend) in a wide range of magical techniques. He is on the verge of formally adopting Perry as heir to his magic when Perry is killed during the Great War.  

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Tea and Meetings (extra)

  Isembard's training and young adulthood   A series of vignettes from Isembard's life. Includes Alexander's approach to training, Perry and Isembard on the cusp of going to war, and Isembard's decision to teach at Schola, as well as him dealing with some of his grief.

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  1924-1925   Isembard and Thesan's friends-to-lovers romance during the school year.


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With All Due Speed (extra)

  1925   Vignettes from Isembard and Thesan's courtship through their engagement and wedding.

With All Due Speed (extra)

  December 1926   Isembard and Thesan have an unexpected adventure for their first anniversary. (Novella in the Winter Charms's collection.)

Best Foot Forward

  1935   Alexander helps get an alchemist out of Germany, and it forces him to take a hard look at his life and his future.

Nocturnal Quarry

  1938   A trip to America in the summer of 1938 forces Alexander to confront his past in unexpected ways.

Old As The Hills

  1939-1940   As Gabe does work for the Council, Alexander supports him in taking on new challenges.

Upon A Summer's Day

  1940, immediately following Old As The Hills   Gabe's answer to a particular question. (Alexander Landry is a point of view character.)

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