A Strange New World Savage Rifts

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This world takes its inspiration from classic Rifts from before the war for Tolkeen. I've taken extensive liberty to modify the source material to make this my own world, adding geography, religion, races and lore that do not exist in either the original Palladium or Pinnacle versions of the world. I think it's more internally consistent and is a bit cooler.      

Earth is changed forever. Humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction, but is coming back only to find they are no longer alone. Some accept the new world as the new reality and some embrace the new world as a chance to grow beyond our old views. Others still fight the changes and want to retake the planet for humanity alone.

Where do you stand?

ANYONE is welcome to use this world for their own or for inspiration, although I would appreciate it if you mentioned where you got it from. And EVERYONE is invited to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

About Rift's Earth

  The following articles set the scene by describing the history of Rift's Earth and some of the phenomena that exist:
Ley Lines and Nexus Points
The Omen Rift
North America
The Bighorn Inversion
The Scintillayer
Death and Undeath
Summer Snow
Languages of North America
Energy Weapons
Gravity Lens

A Strange New World has 40 DeeBees