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Harbinger Arms

A weapons manufacturer of unknown origins that specializes in vampiric weapons.


No one knows where Harbinger Arms makes its weapons, but they can be found at almost any black market or weapon shop catering to mercenaries.  However, since they are relatively uncommon, and since they are in such high demand, there is only a small chance of actually seeing one for sale.   (Harbinger arms is a small team led by a High Magus of the Brotherhood of Creation, one of the three magic schools in The Federation of Magic).

Public Agenda

They make excellent melee weapons that drain the magical and psychic power of the targets they hit.  Anyone wishing to fight spell casters or powerful psychics would do well to wield a weapon made by Harbinger Arms.   (unknown to all but the High Magus himself, half of the power drained goes to summon a Supernatural Intelligence through a rift.  In game terms, it will take millions and millions of Power Points to open the rift and bring the aspiring god physically to Earth. Just how many is unknown, but at the current rate of production, assuming all the weapons are used, it could take decades.)


The weapons currently manufactured by Harbinger Arms:  
  • Vampire Claw a small knife perfect for Psi Stalkers.  Comes in a dozen different styles to match your outfit.
  • Exsanguinator a vicious sword that looks as painful as it is
  • Last Gasp an impact hammer made to shatter shields
  • Maim Blade a large axe perfect for lopping off limbs
  • Blood Biter an enormous sword edged with the serrated teeth of some nasty animal
  • Scarifiers a pair of vambraces with claws and blades for nasty close-in work 
  • Impaler a spear/lance meant to open your target clean through
  • Blood Reacher a whip with a nasty hooked barb.  Another favorite of Psi Stalkers everywhere
The Harbinger Arms Logo:  
Corporation, Manufacturing
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