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The Federation of Magic

What can be said about this group that hasn't been said already. Magic for magic's sake is the basic tenet upon which the entire nation is built. Or rather, magic power for power's sake is a better way of putting it.
  Morals, ethics and conscience have no place in the Federation. This does not necessarily make all people in the Federation evil. In fact, some people are quite altruistic. But the means by which members of the Federation achieve their ends are held without judgment. The only real rule is not to violate the peace or the goals of anyone more puissant who can retaliate.


The Federation of Magic is organized mostly like a feudal society. Since a lot of magic power demands a lot of resources, talented young but inexperienced magic users will try to find patronage under someone more capable or wealthy in return for indenture. The most powerful patrons can have hundreds of indentured mages working for them directly. These mages are also encouraged to become patrons as well, thus swelling the ranks of the highest patron in the pyramid, who could end up with thousands of mages at his or her beck and call.

Not every member of the Federation is a magic user, or a magic user worthy of patronage. Towns, fortresses and the like are formed around those who can provide protection. So it also follows that the most powerful patrons also have the most powerful economic centers working for them; full of artisans, farmers and the like. How the patrons treat these dependents depends upon their personalities. The smart ones realize that they should rule with fairness as to attract the best talent. Others rule with fear or even use slave labor. It could even be possible that the most beneficent patrons could just be putting on a grand deception in order to gather as many test subjects as possible for some grand nefarious plan.... but we don't know anything about that...

Public Agenda

Quite simply, to promote magic and destroy any opposition.
Geopolitical, Magocracy
Subsidiary Organizations


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