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Languages of North America

The most common language in North America is American, which is the product of nearly 400 years of evolution of the English language as spoken by Americans under the influence of illiteracy and the introduction of completely new concepts, technologies, magic and several other sapient races.   Iyaric is a version of American spoken by Rastas, the followers of the The Church of Bob.   The second most common language is Spanish, similarly evolved. It is restricted mostly to the southwest areas of the continent.   Technocan is the precise language of science and mathematics, consisting of symbols and borrowed letters from many of the world's pre-rifts and some post-rifts languages. It exists almost entirely as a written language, and so when spoken it usually has very localized phonetics, often passed down from mentor to apprentice.   Aksicas the language of the simvan tribes.   Mitu ra is the language spoken by Lyn Srial, Incas and the Zem, and, peculiarly enough, ancient Egyptians of Earth.   Gackle is the language spoken by the W'Kell.   Dragonese is the common language of magical species from the Palladium world. Albos and Faerie Folk both speak variations of it and can understand each other.   Shey is the language spoken by Sheydor Spherians.   Demonic is the language spoken by residents of Hades.   Splug Pronounced /sploog/ The language spoken by the Splugorth and their followers. The official state language of Splynn City and occupied Atlantis

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