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The Coalition States

Demography and Population

Citizens are human only. The burbs and countryside contain a few human-like deebees, but they are not welcome and are expelled if caught by coalition patrols.


The Coalition States consist of a few powerful city-states and the surrounding lands over which they can exercise their authority. The borders of Coalition Territory are well marked in most places, but they are anything but well enforced.   Military outposts scattered throughout the coalition's lands serve to protect the people as well as reinforce the Coalition's place as the predominant power. Outside and between the immediate areas around these outposts, the Coalition military conducts long range reconnaissance and has empowered local wilderness scouts to patrol, observe and notify the nearest bases of any threats or encroachment.   As human settlers are attracted to the relative safety of these military outposts, the outposts grow into cities. In this way the Coalition territories continue to grow and expand.


Without a doubt possessing the largest organized military force in North America, the Coalition States use it liberally and proactively to defend human settlements against all enemies of humanity and the planet.   The Coalition military is broken into four armies and a navy:
  • The Army of Quebec - Defends all coalition territories North and east of the Great Lakes
  • The Army of the West (a.k.a. the Sunset Army) - Defends the western borders of the Coalition territories outside of Texas
  • The Army of the East (a.k.a. the Sunrise Army) - Defends against the Federation of magic and guards the eastern portions of the Coalition south of the Great Lakes
  • The Lone Star Army - Defends the southernmost areas of the Coalition around Lone Star from Vampires and Pecos Bandits mostly
  • The Coalition Navy - prevents the Great Lakes from being used as an avenue of invasion and protects waterborne trade therein
  Note the Army of Quebec also includes some naval assets, as does the Lone Star Army.


Only one faith is permitted within the Coalition. That is The Church of Man

Trade & Transport

The borders of coalition territory are not set in hard defenses, they merely describe the area in which Coalition Military can enforce the central authority. As such, they are quite permeable. Coalition patrols are common and will stop to inspect nearly any traveller they come upon. Mostly they are polite and even friendly, but they are always on their guard.   Any caravans of three or more vehicles will be inspected upon discovery. Such caravans will be required to purchase a caravan license, documenting the vehicles and occupants therein, their destination and how long they intend to stay in the territory. The license is issued with a corresponding promise from the Coalition that security will be provided for by the Coalition so long as they remain in Coalition territory. Most trade caravans are happy to accept this deal as the cost of mercenary protection is usually far greater than the cost of a temporary caravan license.   Part of this inspection is a search for any deebees, arcane users or people with psionic powers. People with major psionic powers will be required to be tattooed. Usually the means to tattoo are not available on the spot and so the caravan license will include the requirement to obtain the tattoo prior to conducting any trade business. The larger, more professional, and experienced caravans are not surprised by this and will have usually obtained the tattoos beforehand or made arrangements for them at their first destination. Deebees and users of arcane magicks will be either shot on sight or turned away. The latter case is usually only applicable to technowizards.


Education in the Coalition States is trade-based. Literacy is actively discouraged.
Founding Date
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
the Credit The Credit of the Coalition States is the most stable and widely used currency of North America. The credit exists in physical form as an aluminum ingot the size and shape of a domino. The value of each is determined by its thickness and is stamped on one side. Each denomination is stamped on the other side with a picture in bas relief. The picture on the sticks are as follows:
1 credit
symbol of the coalition, which is a skull and two lightning bolts.
5 credits
image of the city in which it was minted. There is a mint in @Chi-Town, @El Dorado, @Lone Star, and @Iron Heart.
10 credit
25 credits
Leonardo DaVinci's depiction of Man
100 credits
Portrait of Emperor.
Citizens are granted digital access to credits as well, usable via their personal identification cards, which must be carried at all times. Most transactions within the coalition are conducted digitally as a result.
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Plots
The following is a table of random encounters within the Coalition:  

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Articles under The Coalition States

Cover image: Tulcor's Rifts World Title by Tulcor
  • 104 P.A.

    106 P.A.

    1 /6


    This is the political preparation leading up to the attack on Tolkeen.

  • 105 P.A.

    106 P.A.

    4 /6

    Test and Evaluation
    Military action

    The Coalition States begin testing second-generation technology

  • 106 P.A.

    1 /6
    106 P.A.


    Advance on Tolkeen
    Military action

    Coalition forces advance on Tolkeen in force.

  • 106 P.A.

    3 /6
    106 P.A.


    Battle of Tolkeen
    Military action

    The Coalition Armed forces are utterly destroyed

    North America
  • 106 P.A.

    4 /6
    106 P.A.

    10 /6

    Free Quebec Secedes
    Military action

    After the tremendous losses experienced after the failed attack on Tolkeen, Free Quebec secedes from the coalition

  • 109 P.A.

    1 /6
    109 P.A.

    4 /6

    Second Advance on Tolkeen
    Military action

    Coalition reconstitutes its forces, call in all its favors and pulls out the stops to destroy Tolkeen once and for all.

  • 109 P.A.

    5 /6
    109 P.A.

    6 /7

    Siege of Tolkeen

    The bloody seige of Tolkeen lasted twenty days. In the end there was nothing left of the city or its inhabitants.


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