The City of Chi Town

The first city and capital of the Coalition States, Chi Town is a massive monolithic structure. With a base several kilometers across in every direction, it is several hundred meters tall and covered in greenery. Its upper levels are indistinguishable from a forested mountain.


Chi Town is an enormous, fortified city consolidated into a single massive monolithic structure. The design incorporates all the latest technology that humanity can build. Automation and robotic attendents abound.   There city is divided into two major sections. The lower levels and the higher levels. They are defined by those with access to natural light from the sun above and those without. The lower levels are also known as The Dark, Downside and LL and their inhabitants are known as Downsiders, Morlocks, Grungers and LL's. The lower levels are the oldest and most in need of repair, maintenance and upgrades. Upper levels are cleaner, more efficient and spacious. The top-most floor of the city is a collection of glass-bottomed reservoirs spanning the entire width, allowing shifting beams of sunlight to filter through along with the graceful shadows of the marine creatures therein. The interior structures of this portion of the city are arranged in pyramid shapes, maximizing the penetration of overhead natural light to the floors below. The effect is that of a massive slope-sided pit mine full of spires and pyramids. Residents of the upper levels are referred to as Highsiders, Eloi and Sun Kings.   In the center are two single tower-like spires that are so tall they penetrate the reservoirs. One is the Spire of Man and houses the apartments of Emperor Prosek. Below them are the offices of the Emperor's secret service detail followed by the senior military staff and their offices, and at the lowest levels of this spire are the offices of the police. The other is Cathedral Spire, dedicated to the The Church of Man. The areas around Cathedral Spire are open to the light from above and allow it to penetrate to the deepest of the lower levels of Chi Town like a hopeful beacon calling people to the cathedral. Church services are held at high noon to maximize this effect. The cathedral itself spans the lowest levels of Highside and the highest levels of Downside, bringing all men together in one assembly. Below this lie several smaller chapels and the offices and quarters of The Monks of St. Jerry and Priests of the Chuch, while above it are the offices and quarters of the Archbishop and his staff.


Chi Town began as a fortress town. In fact, "Old Chi Town" is still an historic monument located in the lower levels. Its development beyond that point was a combination of two driving factors.   The first was the realization that the city was going to need to be much larger to accommodate the massive number of refugees. The second was the desire of Joseph Prosek (the first) to create an impressive structure that could stand for the greatness of humanity.


Only recognized citizens of the Coalition are permitted entry into Chi Town and within Chi Town, only residents may enter residential districts.   Non-humans are permitted entry only as servants or slaves of coalition citizens. Since Mutant Animals are considered property of the Coalition, they are exempt from this restriction. Free mutant animals are considered neither human nor property of the coalition and suffer the same restrictions as other non-humans.
Megastructure, Land based
Owning Organization

Cover image: Chi Town Burbs by Kevin Siembieda


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