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Republic of Ishpeming

The Republic of Ishpeming is the civic body established by the Northern Gun company. It allowed the company to divest itself of the unprofitable business of governance and public service, and to concentrate of the manufacture and distribution of arms and armor to the rest of the world. That business is booming.

Industry & Trade

The massive corporation known as Northern Gun is the industry of The Republic.

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After the Great Cataclysm, manufacturing facilities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula remained relatively unscathed, but more importantly so did the mines and mining equipment. It was not long before the local residents were able to repel aliens and looters and claim a semblance of security.   It did not take much longer for the manufacturing capacity to exceed the local markets. Rather than retool their facilities for domestic production lines, they chose to expand their market and soon were able to provide arms and armor for the surviving human defenders throughout North America. While the Coalition was keeping its technology and weapons to itself, becoming a powerful militaristic nation-state, Northern Gun became more of a commercial powerhouse. When they expended their borders to add a layer of security, it became clear that the company should not be concerning itself with all the issues of governing its employees, providing services, etc. So it created and outsourced public administration to a new civil organization known as The Republic of Ishpeming.
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Northern Gun
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