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A haven of Scum and Villainy, Menominee is located at the mouth of a river on the western edge of Lake Michigan and is the southernmost extension of The Republic of Ishpeming (a.k.a. Northern Gun).

Industry & Trade

At the southernmost reach of Northern Gun, Menominee has great leeway in the extent it chooses to enforce the Republic's laws. Since public office is an elected position and since the electorate consists primarily of smugglers, black marketeers and pirates, the extent they enforce the Republic's laws is limited indeed.   Northern Gun often takes advantage of this fact and will "leak" faulty technology through the black market here, or try out experimental drugs on the vast number of substance addicts looking for a new high.   Chopshops, and unregulated bionics and cyberware can also be found here.   The reach of The Distillery is not as strong here either, as the residents value their independence when it comes to illegal activities. There is a kind of unspoken agreement here that ever man is literally out for himself. Any attempts to organize a cabal or any other kind of organized criminal enterprise is met with harsh punitive action by the concerned citizens. Citizens whose own illegal activities would be affected of course.   But as the southernmost reach of Northern Gun, Menominee also serves as the primary trade hub for overland traders from The Free Lands. Because of this, there is also a larger number of sentient non-human beings present at any given time than in other Republic towns.


The city survived the Great Cataclysm relatively unscathed, although the marauding aliens and looters decimated the place. What was built up in its place is a harbor and dockyards for privateers, merchants and fisherman to repair their ships. When the Republic of Ishpeming moved in, the town welcomed them, taking their promise of protection and preferred trade status in exchange for loyalty, military service and some taxes.
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