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While Menominee may be the southernmost settlement in the Republic of Ishpeming , Escanaba is the southern extent of the main supply route to and from Northern Gun. It is the edge of what people call the civilized portion of the Republic, with the more southern town of Menominee being more of a protected haven of Privateers than an actual member city.   Even so, Escanaba is still also known as "Merc Bay." More weapons are sold in Escanaba than any other location in North America.


Primarily Human.   A few humanoid races can be seen about, but the architecture and infrastructure make no allowances for alien physiology.


Typical city government with a mayor, town council, etc.


Several fortified MD emplacements can be seen at the fringes of the city and on top of the largest buildings.   Defense is otherwise provided by a local militia comprised primarily of pirate crews and robot gladiators, a small standing garrison from Northern Gun and the assurance that a larger reactionary force can be called and will arrive in hours.

Industry & Trade

Commerce is the primary economy, and mercenaries are the best customers. This is the primary southern port for Northern Gun so it has a bustling port-based economy.   The Pirates and Privateers know not to interfere with North Gun Trade shipments, with the agreement that Northern Gun will turn a blind eye to their interdiction of competitive shipments to and from the @Coalition and even @Ishpeming and @The Manistique Imperium.   In order to claim non-involvement with these acts of piracy, however, NG does arrange for some of its own shipments to be plundered. This maintains the appearance of also being a victim for these other trading partners to see.

Guilds and Factions

The Distillery is the largest illicit organization. They are permitted only out of fear and with the understanding that their activities remain underground.


Escanaba is one of the few cities in Rifts North America to retain its original name. In fact, the vast majority of Michigan's Upper Peninsula was left physically untouched by the Great Cataclysm. This is not to say that rampaging aliens didn't destroy everything anyway. But the vast and immediate destruction associated with the natural disasters of the cataclysm bypassed this area. This allowed much of the communal knowledge and memories of pre-rifts Earth to survive in the populace and for civilization to rebound much quicker into a semblance of society.   Interestingly, this is one of the few places in North America, where last names are used that were in use prior to the cataclysm.


Surprisingly modern, with clean utilitarian lines and the look of practical efficiency. Not very artistic.


Located on a broad flat area surrounding a river that pours into a bay on Lake Michigan.

Natural Resources

Primarily wild rice, game, and fishing.
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