The guy had us convinced he was a genius. Yeah, he kept telling us how simple it was to make, but that only reinforced our esteem; because that thing made no sense to any of us.   He just opened his bags and pouches, pulled out a few wires, wrapped them around a green stone and then jammed them into an empty drink bottle. I watched closely, sure to pick up some sort of rhyme to his work, when he took a rubber slice from the sole of an old shoe, stuck one end of it in the bottle and punched a nail through the other end. He handed it to me and said he was done.   What the rut?   I looked him in the eye, questioning. He just looked back at me like I was the daft one. "Well," he said. "You going to use it?"   I looked back at the bottle with the rubber strip with the the nail in it. I looked back at him, and I asked, "how do I use it?"   "Just put some power into the nail until the bottle glows. Then throw it. It'll go off when the bottle breaks." By this time the rest of the team was getting antsy. I looked at them. Apparently they were used to his odd gizmos, since they all looked calm and not at all surprised.   I channeled some arcane power into the nail and the rubber instantly sealed the opening like a cork. The bottle started glowing and I threw it right into the guard shack. They were sleeping like babies by the time we got to the gate and we made it into the base without a peep.
Magic: harnessing the arcane energies of life itself to create effects that defy or even violate the laws of the physical world.
Technology: implementing the laws of the physical world to achieve desired ends.
Where enough magic is applied, the laws of the physical world start to become less coherent and predictable. This explains why electronics become so glitchy in ley lines. It also explains why spirits are incapable of possessing anything containing advanced technology.   The interactions between technology and the arcane are unpredictable and chaotic to anyone who understands technology or the arcane. But what if I told you that there was another science in which these interactions make perfect sense? One in which these interactions can become not only predictable, but repeatable. This science is talled Technowizardry.


Like the meaning behind dreams, the components used in Technowizardry rely on a meaning only the mind of the technowizard can grasp. Symbolism and association play an important role in the use of components in a twiz gadget or giszmo. No two gadgets created by different technowizards would ever look the same, even if created for identical purposes. But this does not mean they can't use each other's creations. They can, easily.   Unfortunately, however, this unique interpretaion does mean that a Twiz can not further alter or modify anything created by another twiz. It also makes it extremely difficult for a twiz to add additional capabilities to anything they have already created. The holistic nature of a twiz creation means that it would basically need to be completely deconstructed and reconstructed in order to add even the simplest of capabilities to an existing creation.
Access & Availability
Like the insane ramblings of a lunatic, technowizardry makes no sense to any but the technowizard. Arcane Spellcasters don't understand it. Scientists and engineers don't understand it. You, dear reader, don't have a chance to understand it.   The fusion of magic and technology can actually be taught, but it can only be taught to those capable of understanding it. In the same way that the artistic application and scientific understanding of color can be taught, the student must first be able to comprehend color. A blind person would be incapable of grasping even the simplest concept of what color even is, let alone how to apply it in science and art.   So it is with technowizardy. It is an inherent ability, a means of sight and understanding of a family of concepts that the rest of us just can not comprehend.
With the upheaval of the ley lines and all that arcane energy coursing through the physical world, a new breed of humans started to develop. Like Ley Line Walkers and Psi-Stalkers, a very small percentage of humans began to intuitively grasp a kind of science never before seen on Earth, a science that defied the known laws of the natural universe. Eventually, the people who studied this science and applied the concepts into practical solutions became known as Technowizards, and their science became known as technowizardry. Twiz, for short.


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