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There is a city, a great city, founded upon the ideals of equality. Equality of all, whether human or Deebee, arcane practitioner or supernatural entity, it matters not. The city is Tolkeen, and it holds itself as the beacon of acceptance, in illuminated opposition to the close-minded humans of the Coalition States.

Public Agenda

Stand as the beacon of acceptance and equality for all.


As the largest and most vocal nation besides the Coalition, Tolkeen has an overflowing population and there are steady streams of immigrants arriving at its gates from all over North America.


The large area around the city of Tolkeen, hundreds of kilometers in all directions is under the hegemony of the powerful city.


While there is no official state religion, it is generally accepted that the The Church of Bob is the most encouraged religion. It is so encouraged, in fact, that it is subsidized and used as for marketing. Tolkeen claims itself to be the promised land that is held so dear to the Church; and since the Church is so good at appealing to those who feel persecuted, Tolkeen then reaps the benefits of increased appeal and immigration as a result.


The city is built on a stable nexus at the confluence of three ley lines. In the center, coincident with the nexus itself, a central pyramid dominates the city. A minor pyramid is set off along each ley line just inside the limits of the town's defensive fortifications. Together these four pyramids accumulate enough arcane energy to power all of the city's utilities with plenty to spare for other uses.   One such use for this energy is to recharge technowizard batteries. ┬áThe city has adopted a standard twiz battery interface, much like how Northern Gun standardized the e-clip for energy weapons. ┬áThere are battery charging stations scattered throughout the city fed by energy collected by the pyramids.   Technowizard devices provide quick transport in the form of an elevated rail that circles the city and moving walkways connecting locations in the city out to the rail line like spokes. In addition, for a small fee, vendors will sell pre-paid cell phones that only work inside the city limits. Most will also rent the phones with a charge per use or per day.
Geopolitical, City-state
Castar, equal to 1 coalition Credit
Judicial Body
The equality Tolkeen is so proud of espousing is enforced by a fascist zeitgeist of victimhood. This provides the most inhuman, and thus the greatest case of victimhood, with the greatest entitlement. It results in a society that is anything but equal, with pureblood humans becoming a class freely held in contempt as the cause of all wrongs. Eager to prove their virtue, the humans of Tolkeen gladly assume this role, often becoming the most vocal haters of their own kind.

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