Maersk University


During the darkest decades of the great cataclysm, schools were abandoned and teaching a forgotten profession. If it could not be whispered in the dark while avoiding the attention of the supernatural predators and would-be conquerers of the world it was not passed down from one generation to athe next. But there was one exception. A couple 40 foot containers marked with the MAERSK company name sat among the ruins of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They served as schoolhouse for a couple of teachers whose names are forgotten in time. Parents would send their chidlren to Maersk for shelter and protection and, hopefully, a better future. Books were scavenged and collected and the schoolhouse grew in renown. A nearby container marked Hapag-Lloyd was added as the place for learning about ley lines and magic.   As the Dee-Bee populations became more permanent residents of the planet, they joined the humans for education but were initially segregated to an old container with the Evergreen logo on the side. Eventually this segregation ended as the majority of the student body became non-human and integration was inevitible. The Evergreen name now stands as a symbol of both the original mistreatment of non-humans and the ultimate primacy of non-humans in today's world.   Two hundred years later, those four containers remain preserved as museum items, memorializing the humble beginnings of this great educational institution.
The Logo of the Hapag-Lloyd College of Applied Magic at Maersk University   The logo of the Evergreen College of Non-Human Studies at Maersk University

Cover image: Maersk logo by A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S


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