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1st Apocalyptic Cavalry

The 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry is a militaristic, violent, and xenophobic human organization attempting to carve out a place for itself in what was once the areas of Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. Once just a vigilante band of brothers, it has grown and become a real, well organized army with dozens of loyal communities willing to support it with supplies and soldiers.   They call Fort Prospect their home, located in what was once Nebraska. They patrol an area extending from Missouri and Iowa to Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Public Agenda

Make the lands safe for humanity. No alien influence shall be permitted. Practitioners of magic are accepted if they are human.


Hundreds of soldiers, many cybernetically enhanced, and 'borgs, psionics and practitioners of magic are also present in small numbers. Vehicles are comprised of troop carriers and many smaller ATV's, mechanical steeds, and cycles. A unit of actual horse-mounted cavalry serves as the honor guard.

Technological Level

Having very little of their own Research and Development, or even production and manufacturing, the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry is primarily equipped with equipment purchased from Bandito Arms or the spoils of raids. They will use Northern Gun weapons and vehicles if they can get their hands on it, but will avoid using captured Coalition States gear for fear of drawing their ire.

Foreign Relations

The Coalition States. General Sprite despises the Coalition States and blames them for many of the world's ills. His hatred has been conveyed to the rest of the Cavalry and is mostly shared. He will gladly take any humans fleeing Coalition territory, especially if they are arcane practitioners and psionics. Despite his hatred of the Coalition, however, the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry does not seek confrontation with the Coaltion States. He knows such a conflict would most likely result in the Coalition gaining control of the lands he now protects. As a result, he will send units to regularly meet with them under a flag of truce to hand over captured coalition equipment in return for political prisoners or arcane practitioners. The nations will also use these opportunities to swap collected intelligence. Nothing is ever given for free.   Colorado Baronies. The 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry receives a mixed welcome in the outlying lands of the Colorado Baronies of Wilmington and Testament. The Cavalry provides a measure of security in the outlying areas of these Baronies and are welcomed for doing so. Closer to the Barony of Hope, however, they are not welcomed at all. There are just too many non-humans and non-human sympathizers in Colorado Baronies. Despite this, the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry does a surprisingly robust trade business with the Colorado Baronies and gets most of its Technowizardry from them.   Tolkeen. The 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry empathizes with Tolkeen's hatred of the Coalition's callous oppression of its people but hates Tolkeen's anti-human sentiment even more. They will typically imprison or kill anyone from Tolkeen on suspicion of treachery and subversion.   The Federation of Magic. The 1st Apocalyptic cavalry has no relationship with any of the Federation's Citystates or organizations. Besides the interposing Coalition territories, the Devil's Gate complex and all the securty there makes any travel between the two onerous. However, there are some independent efforts by members of the Federation to make the trip across the country to supply the Cavalry with magic equipment and talent. They have their own reasons for doing so, from profit to experimentation; but the leadership of the Federation also sees the Cavalry as an excellent pro-magic foil in the backside of their greatest foe.   The Ute. The original Ute were entirely human, by definition, as they were descendents of the original Natives of the land and their allies. However, in the hundreds of years since, many non-humans have joined their numbers. To be a Ute is to have a relationship with the land, after all, regardless of species, race or ethnicity. Since the Ute are primarily on the Western slope of the great barrier, they are rarely encountered. It is usually only on the rare occurrence of a Warlock awakening in the lands protected by the Cavalry that will create an occasion for one of their units to cross the Barony of Charity into the lands of the Ute.   Dark Cherry's Traveling Market. The 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry provides security for Dark Cherry's when it travels through their territory. This is not an arranged thing, nor is it compensated for by Dark Cherry. The Cavalry knows that the travelling market is a boon and some of their communities depend on the goods it brings with it for their very existence. As such they almost always assign units to ensure its welfare within Cavalry-protected territory.   The Kingdom of Neorn. The Lyn Srial of the Grand Canyon area have a mutual shoot-on-sight relationship with the Cavalry.


There are a good number of followers of The Church of Man among the people in the lands protected by the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry. Most of them have a more lenient view of magic, however; but there are fundamentalists in their midst. These fundamentalists are undoubtedly evangelists sent specifically by the The Church of Man to bring the people of the area into sympathy with The Coalition States.   The Circle of Life is otherwise the most popular religion in the lands protected by the Cavalry. Armillaria is a favored diety because she is a native of the planet and that is in keeping with the guiding sentiments of the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry, its leader and its people.   Unsurprisingly, there are a number of followers of Jyestha, Eris, Discordia and Lilith, the four-headed God of pain and misfortune and other members of The Cult of Doom.
The above image shows a Patrol of the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry returning with a prisoner.
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