Barony of Charity

South of Hope along the Eastern edge of the rocky mountains are an assortment of small mining towns extending to the ruins of Denver and beyond. The city of Charity grew up in the western fringes of the ruins of Denver and marks the eastern end of the most travelled pass across the Great Barrier (previously known as the Rocky Mountains), where interstate 70 once ran nearly 400 years before.


As the way stations of Charity became more and more popular, the city and surrounding communities started attracting more transients and neérdowells. Charity has gained a reputation as a lawless place that was allowed to exist for a hundred years. When the Barony of Hope finally attempted to enforce a more strict adherence to law, the city rebelled and after an extended campaign by partisans and guerrillas as well as the occupation of the Denver Mint, the City of Charity was finally able to declare its full independence from Hope. It is now its own established barony.
The first group of people able to find passage across the great mountainous barrier brought back a square of reflective yellow with an image of a truck climbing a hill next to a chasm.  Folks from before the great cataclysm would recognize it as a highway sign warning truckers of a steep downgrade.  The owners of the local saloon mounted the sign prominently.  That saloon became the meeting place of all the groups organizing for travel across the mountains.  Guides could be hired there and soon teamsters used the place to organize.  Before long, that sign represented more than just the saloon, it represented the industry of the local communities and eventually became their identity.
Parent Organization

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