The Wilmington Barony

The Barony of Wilmington stretches east along the South Platte River valley almost as far as where it joins with the North Platte River. Farther East are the lands patrolled by the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry and the Barony has made no attempt to extend its authority beyond that.


150 years ago, farmers and ranchers from the prosperous barony of Hope settled to the east along the fertile lands of the South Platte River under the protection of the Eastern Expeditionary Army. Constant raids by Simvan raiders led the settlers to become hard and independent. This independence was exacerbated by a lack of empathy and support from the core populace of the Barony of Hope. The constant military engagements also led to the rise of a charismatic and talented General named George Autie in command of the Eastern Expedition Army. After prolonged neglect from the home territory, and inspired by the recent independence of the Barony of Testament, General Autie declared himself the Baron of Wilmington. The Barony of Hope attempted to prevent the secession by force of arms, but General, now Baron, Autie easily repulsed their forces and made the indendependence final.

The logo of the Wilmington Barony is the old Purina Logo.

One of the landmarks in this territory is an old Purina factory hailing from the Golden Age of Man. The Purina logo on the landmark became the identifying symbol of their resistance movement and eventually became the flag of Wilmington.
Parent Organization

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