Barony of Testament

With an economy based almost entirely on livestock, the Barony of Testament is a rough and tumble collection of cattle towns and ranches. They are always looking for more hands to help defend their vast lands which extend across the plains south for hundreds of kilometers (as far as New Mexico), a hazardous job with perpetual vacancies.


After the establishment of Hope, the need for meat for the growing population led to the establishment of numerous ranches. In order to represent their interests against the contrary interests of the city folk of Hope, the ranchers banded together and eventually established their own barony.

Agriculture & Industry

Testament's entire economy is built around ranching. Not only are they the primary source of animal meat outside The Coalition States, but also of leather and other animal byproducts.   Baron Mendoza's father began attempting to domesticate supernatural monsters for the mass production of supernatural hides for use in armor. He has inherited the business and the most promising beast is something called a Desert Sleeper, which has thick armor plates running along its spine. But since these beasts are not tolerant of the cold, he has them on a yearly migration south as far as the Rio Grand in the winter months and then back up north for the culling of the herd in the summer. They are always looking for responsible cowhands and mercenaries to help with the herd.
People hailing from lands of the Barony of Testament were usually easy to recognize by the furs they wore. Especially in the cold months, their fur-lined cloaks were a quick identifier. As the settlers of this region began to adopt their own independent identity apart from the Barony of Hope, they took the patterns of their fur as their unit designations. The most successful and powerful group used the black and white piebald as their identifier and that group would eventually form the house of Mendoza, the heir of which is the current Baron Salvador Mendoza.
Parent Organization

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