Barony of Hope

The Barony of Hope is the first and largest of the Colorado Baronies, dating as far back as the great cataclysm itself. It is egalitarian and peaceful and consists of the City of Hope and the communities of Salvation, Resurrection, Wheatfield, Carson, Petesville and Trinity.


Refugees from the destruction of Denver fled north to the Platte River where they heard the devastation was minimal. When they came to the Platte River Ley Line, the onset of magical abilities among many of the survivors allowed them enough capability to defend themselves and eke out a living. They occupied the ruins of Greely, Colorado and renamed it Hope.
After the Cataclysm, when the Great American Empire was still trying to fight back against the invading hordes of DeeBees and monsters and save as many people from natural disasters as possible, the people of the City of Hope were known as the Colorado National Guard.  They claimed the central portion of flag of the state of Colorado as their logo.  In the hundreds of years of isolation since the fall of the Great American Empire, much of that history has been forgotten.  But the logo still stands for the strong and resilient people of the Barony of Hope.
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