Postal Service

Neither flurry nor ice nor fire or dark of night stays these daring hands from the completion of their ever-important task
— Motto of the PostMan.



Each postal service consists of a minimum of two dozen hands separated into three groups.   One for administration, one for sorting and one for delivery. These groups inevitably grow to the size required by their respective city. From the base 24, to nearly a thousand in the biggest cities of the land.


The average Postman carries a satchel capable of carrying hundreds of paper messages and a handful of actual packages.   They also often have a compass and some type of map of their region, be it a city map or a sketch of the countryside.


All postmen carry a rapier or sword of some fashion to do battle with should the need arise, however, it rarely does.


Postmen use every available resource to deliver messages, from Calvary to Airships, to Trains.   However, it is rare that a postal service actually owns any of these ships.


One member of the Postal Service is labeled as a Postmaster and leads the underlying group. Managing the administration as the majority of his actions while being capable of hiring and firing members of the service.


The usual tactic of a postal service is to have standard patrols for their members to undertake and in so doing makes it easier for messages to be consistently delivered.


Upon hiring, a new member is assigned as an apprentice to a more experienced member until they get their bearings and can do their jobs.


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