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Accumulation of DraKaise; Chasing Divinity

Every Collection has 58 pieces of DraKaise that, when combined, form a story. A tale of a valiant attempt to climb towards the divine. Experience the inevitable Ascension fueled by; Powerful Artefacts, Superhuman Abilities and reality-warping magics wielded in this pursuit. Loyal Companions and Servants join your coalition as Favors are earned and alliances are forged and broken against the cusp of Divinity.   The Tides of DraKaise will shift against you, your coalition must battle through diverse Environments to claim lost answers and earn the power to redefine your place in history.   Sacrifice everything for power, climb with the aid of your allies or grasp victory via martial prowess; These are the stories that, in the future, are already sung of your exploits, but only you can decide how you are remembered.   What stories have they already told about you?

The DraKaise TCG

The DraKaise TCG is a game set in the eponymous world. Familiar faces in the form of recurring characters will pop up in card design, lore, and other placements, while each location will have a card to itself. In addition, this site will be filled with a repository of short fiction featuring new characters that have lived and walked the lands of Ithungsida before being featured as a card in the game!  

The Tribes

There are currently five mechanical tribes in the DraKaise TCG; with unique mechanical synergies and avenues for victory.


These are children of The Knotted Snake, from the Demons/Devil spawns of MerGus/ Mirkfu, the press of eternity to the Dragons that claim a lineage directly from that Celestial Being.   These cards focus on resource denial via riskier mechanics that have the potential to offer major benefits that can also end the game for their controller.


These are those erstwhile children of the Celestial Giants; Sylphs, Salamanders and Phoenixes fill this esoteric tribe to the brim with elemental designs and benefits.   These cards focus on careful resource management and allocation to control the battlefield and gain benefits from any losses they might sustain. This makes them the most complicated tribe to run, but the right commander can control the very elements.


Undead are those risen children of Armide, the Shattered Sunrise that are so often spoiled by the influence of MerGus, the lost thoughts and Darchada, the Uncontrollable Spread.   These cards focus on being able to kill and recur their allies for benefits that can quickly overwhelm their opponents.


Dogs are said to have domesticated themselves with nearly every mortal race individually. Their Structure is mutable with dogs of all sizes and shapes; from those hulking dire wolves that hunt with Goliath in the tallest of mountains to scaled dogs bearing fins and gills treading water deep below the ocean with those Sea Elves that frequent the Alma Bay. They match their masters and follow where mortals lead.   These cards focus on Companion Safety as well as offering more options to a deck, while attempting to swarm the board and shut down strategies of their opposing tribes.


Mortals are said to have the only true sense of free will, as well as being the only group that can truly master and manipulate DraKaise to their will, but they are still drawn in by the lure of the DraKaise-Stricken. With so many being caught up in the excitement and dangers of dealing with those that seek godhood by means of Ascension.   Because of this; These cards are by far the most diverse of the groups, with strategies that cross into all other tribes as well as those that might standalone with unique synergies.

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