by Annie Stein
Welcome to Solaris, traveller! Let me get you up to speed.
Solaris is a soft science fiction webcomic set in our own universe, kind of. Learn more by continuing to read, or click here to be taken to the comic.
Q:Where am I?   You're still in the system known as Sol. Except this time each planet is habitable and developed its own life. The people are humanoid, mostly.
Q:I heard something about a comic?   Oh yes! The main comic is still in development, but you can read the first few pages of Little Blue if you click here.  
Q:What's going on?   Sol is invading. The resentful sun sends its angelic armies: the Scourge. For now, they're being held back at Mercury by Penumbra.
by Annie Stein
The brilliant skies of Saturn are ringed with advertisements. The Merchant Princes carve out their domains both on the planet and her moons. Saturn is known as the Grey Market, anything can be acquired for the right price and any law broken with the right bribes.   The megacities of Saturn sprawl upwards, sideways, any which way they can into a byzantine mess. Extensions protrude from the sides of megablocks, hosting pop-up storefronts and hole-in-the-walls. The streets bustle with life as skysurfers and hoverbikes weave their way through the cityscape. A thick neon haze glazes the skies.   Saturn may be best known for it's lawlessness, but any Merchant Prince worth their salt takes care that their plots don't spill out into the streets or harm the citizens of their domain. Anything less runs the risk of a swift end to their reign. Assassinations are common place on Saturn. These extralegal murders are carried out by the Foresters, an ancient guild who balances the playing field.
Icon depicting the planet Saturn
29.5 years
Solar Cycle
10 hours

Distance from Sun
9-10.1 AU
Natural Satellites
Titan, Rhea, 81 others
Location under
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