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Tellus is a verdant blend of forests and oceans. The planet hosts many delicate ecosystems. To protect them Tellus is placed under protective sequestration, and there are strict regulations on what can be expelled in the space around Tellus.

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Dec 17, 2022 01:39

Something about Earth or, hm, Tellus, not being the star of the show (which, btw, I feel like I have basically never seen before in fiction, so that's cool), and really the opposite of important, gives me big "youngest sibling" vibes and I almost want to feel offended for our poor little blue marble :D   I hope we'll get to learn a bit more about it in due time!

Apr 27, 2023 09:28 by Annie Stein

Hehe, I see what you mean! I think we're bound to care about our home, but Earth needs to allow the other planets some time in the spotlight too :p Such an attention hogger, that lil blue marble.

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