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Constant storms whip across the skies of Uranus. On those wild winds fly the Eyries; floating vehicle-cities. No one lives on Uranus without knowing how to fly, be it with craft or their own wings.

The Aer, Mare, and Terra

  Uranus is divided into three layers, Aer, Mare, and Terra. The Aer, or the upper winds, is what most people recognize as Uranus. A realm of wind, cloud and floating islands. Deeper within the planet are the Mares, gases so thick and dense they may as well be seas. Then, at the very core is the Terra, molten rock and gas.   The floating islands of Uranus are formed from meteors and other space debris that have been pulled in to the windy wastes of Uranus. These islands are colonized by migrating, fast-growing plants. For both the flora and the fauna these islands serve as temporary homes as they drift through the skies. The islands float through the atmosphere before they're pulled down towards Terra to be reformed.
Uranian people have a reputation for being cold and standoffish. Even if a foreigner does adapt to life in the Eyries, it can take generations before they're truly welcomed into the community.

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Icon depicting the planet Uranus
84.1 years
Solar Cycle
17 hours

Distance from Sun
18.3-20.1 AU
Natural Satellites
Titania, Oberon, 25 others
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