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Antonee Benoit

Welcome to Solaris, traveller! This is a slower-than-light science fantasy set in our own solar system.
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Love is somewhere in the seasoning. It's kneaded into the dough, and seared into the meat. It's in the sweat beading on your forehead as the kitchen heat blasts your face. It's not in peeling the fucking plastic back on some premade bullshit.   Eat real food, connect with real people, realize that you're just one small speck in a sea of souls, and that, well, that's all you need to be.
— Antonee Benoit
Antonee Benoit is a famous travellogue. He documents his travels throughout the Sol System, with a focus on cuisine and the human condition. While originally from Mercury, he first made his name in Saturn as the irreverent head chef of Merchant Prince Vix Vellum. Extracting yourself from the service of a Merchant Prince is no easy feat, but today Antonee Benoit stands on his own two feet.
His appearance is that of a life well lived. A textured tapestry of smiles and worries worn deep into his face. His arms and legs are full of tattoos both faded and fresh, intermingled between freckles and age spots. A symbiotic set of barnacles and coral grow across his shoulders and down his clavicle. His boistrous, friendly attitude is easy to like, and his deep respect for others is evident in his actions. He makes a point of meeting the every man rather than the elite wherever he travels, with a keen interest in hearing their stories and truths.
Benoit's commentary is equally poetic and irreverent. He sees food as the bedrock of a community, and is a vocal advocate for cooking. He has been vocal about his distaste for cheap, premade ready meals that he believes are smothering distinctive local cuisines. He also believes that ready meals are no substitute for a good handmade meal, exacerbating the isolation felt by many people in the modern day.

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Author's Notes

Antonee Benoit is a fairly obvious expy of Anthony Bourdain, an excellent documentarian who's work I recommend you look into if you haven't already. I would also definitely recommend this video essay about his legacy I saw a while back on youtube.   I hope this alien version does him justice.

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