August 2019 Dev Journal—E.LITE Prototype Testing

We hit our writing goals for Summer Camp and then some! The Ethnis Lite server is live, games are running, and development is rolling right along! July was a helluva month, but we are proud of our progress!

Summer Camp Review

Summer Camp has come and gone and we are proud to say that we did it—we hit our goal! Barron and I streamed for 12 hours straight, wrote 30 articles each, and had people coming, going, and engaging the entire time! From all of our viewers there was 89 articles submitted to our raffle!   Between everyone present we wrote over 50k words on that day alone, so big shout out there to everyone, especially Sai, Damion Otter, and Milladamen, who won the prize raffles.   Our goal to clean up the articles didn't get as far as expected, so we have plenty to do there, but that's just fine. We're just happy to have some great stuff written!

Monthly Roundup

New Stats
  • 104 new articles
  • 53705 new words
  • 134 new likes
  • 2 new comments
  • 14 new followers
  • Total Stats
  • 814 articles
  • 523881 words

  • Support Ethnis
    Organization | Jun 15, 2020

    How you can help Ethnis grow! Share us with friends, give us feedback, and support us on social media and Patreon!

    Wyrd Daze

    Leigh Wright, curator of WYRD DAZE e-zine. Interviewed us! He is a pleasure to work with, and put together an excellent interview with us!   If you've ever wanted to know a little more about us, think the e-zine format is cool and the way of the future, or are just looking to get a little more of your Ethnis fix... check it out!   Read More

    Project Deios

    In case you somehow haven't heard, Project Deios is the new hotness in the mapmaking and worldbuilding community!   We've been hype over this for a long time, and now that it is out we're positively brimming with excitement. We have proudly backed it at the Platinum CL tier, which gives us license to use it commercially!   Read all about it here!

    E.Lite Worlds

    There are now Ten Ethnis Lite Worlds! At this point we have enough E.LITE Worlds that we've decided to move onto our next step and announce that we will no longer be taking no-strings-attached applicants to be E.LITE worlds. It will remain an option for those who join our new Prodigy Tier on Patreon, of which DreamMaker is our first honorary member because she has twice now donated as larger sums of money towards Ethnis.   Check out the E.LITE Worlds, and those of you who are already among them... keep an eye out. We have some VERY cool things upcoming for you. Until then, we have opened the Ethnis Lite RPG Server and are already running and testing Ethnis Lite so come join us!  
    Elite World Support Marker
    By Anna Boyett
    Sci-Fi Hopepunk, Genetics and Terraformation
    A solarpunk sci-fi setting in a future where humanity wises up about how we care for our world.
    What is Menicea
    Generic article | Apr 19, 2020
    By Matthieu A.
    High Fantasy, Wonder and Adventure
    A rich fantasy setting about a country in the midst of a time of renaissance and grand adventures.
    Introduction to Haven
    Generic article | Jun 30, 2020

    An introduction to the narrative focal point of Ravare.

    By Damion Otter
    Horror Fantasy, Zombies and Madness
    Where the dead cannot rest. Where brutality and cannibalism are the norm. Where madness lurks. Haven is hellish.
    Exercitum Imperatoria
    Organization | Dec 14, 2018

    The armoured fist of the Emperor

    By Kris Weavill
    Roman Gritty Fantasy
    A Romanesque world of Elves, Man, and Orcs embarking on an age of exploring Ultima Thule—beyond the known world.
    Introduction to Melior
    Generic article | May 31, 2020

    The elevator pitch, the TL;DR. An introduction to the setting that lures the curious and rewards the brave.

    19th Century High-Fantasy
    A fictional science fantasy world set in 19th century Bradstowe, capital city of The Isles of Orlend.
    Introduction to Lethea
    Generic article | Feb 26, 2020
    By Mihkel Rand
    Political High Fantasy
    Sprawling political Euro-Fantasy rife with dynasties, dragons and lovecraftian monsters.
    Generic article | Apr 25, 2020

    An introduction article to the world of Andrawyn

    By Susanne Lamprecht
    Dark Fantasy Magipunk Sword & Sorcery
    A world of song and magic stands on the precipice of abyss, rife with drama, sensuality, and mystery
    Intro to Perasmenos
    Generic article | Aug 14, 2019
    By DreamMaker
    High-Octane Dying Earth Drama
    In the ashes of civilization, the Proto Agon—Humans, Automa and Hollow—carve their living from its remains.

    What's Next?

    • July: SummerCamp

      Complete! 100+ articles between all of us!

    • August: Ethnis Lite Beta

      We have begun testing the Ethnis Lite prototype! Matthieu A. has started a game of Menicea, Barron has started a game of Ethnis, and Damion Otter is starting one this month!

    • September: Ethnis Lite Polishing

      As games develop we will continue to polish E.LITE content! New features, tweaks, and enhancements will be added regularly for at least a couple months as we get Ethnis Lite to a Beta state.

    • October:Core Cleanup and Lite Polishing

      Our goal is to get the core of Ethnis down to 100 articles, which means that by the end there will be around 700 articles visible only to Patrons. This number will only go up with time, so consider supporting us if you don't already!

    More Art

    We are 2 commissions down and 5 to go before we have our Hero roster for Ethnis Light. Each illustration represents a Mantle, a Sophont, and a Banner, and helps show what to expect of making a hero in Ethnis Light.  


    Our goal is to get the core of Ethnis down to 100 articles, which means that by the end there will be around 700 articles visible only to Patrons. This number will only go up with time, so consider supporting us if you don't already!  

    Ethnis Eats

    Ethnis Eats is Chapters 1-3 are being ported to World Anvil. Once we have a moment to catch our breaths, Ademal will likely port them over all pretty!  

    Tech Update

    Another bit that's been quietly running in the background! We've outlined a lot of how tech works ingame and in universe, and as our project juggling allows will be revealing articles showcasing the various technologies of Ethnis.  


    A new goal looms on the horizon... a kickstarter. You heard it here first!


    See you in the next dev blog!


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    11 Aug, 2019 18:12

    From the creation of E.Lite to the Summer Camp article marathon, you two have spearheaded some pretty incredible (and insane) feats. It's hard to believe how much Ethnis has grown since I first became a fan. I never expected to be a part of it, yet I'm honored to be a Prodigy as well as the 10th E.Lite world.   Keep up the amazing work, I'm excited to see what comes next!

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