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E.LITE Worlds

This page is an extreme WIP.
By Matthieu A.
High Fantasy, Wonder and Adventure
A rich fantasy setting about a country in the midst of a time of renaissance and grand adventures.
Introduction to Haven
Generic article | Jul 1, 2023

An introduction to the narrative focal point of Ravare.

By Damion Otter
Horror Fantasy, Zombies and Madness
Where the dead cannot rest. Where brutality and cannibalism are the norm. Where madness lurks. Haven is hellish.
Exercitum Imperatoria
Organization | Dec 14, 2018

The armoured fist of the Emperor

By Kris Weavill
Roman Gritty Fantasy
A Romanesque world of Elves, Man, and Orcs embarking on an age of exploring Ultima Thule—beyond the known world.
Introduction to Lethea
Generic article | Sep 2, 2021
By Mihkel Rand
Political High Fantasy
Sprawling political Euro-Fantasy rife with dynasties, dragons and lovecraftian monsters.
Generic article | Jan 24, 2023

An introduction article to the world of Andrawyn

By Susanne Lamprecht
Dark Fantasy Magipunk Sword & Sorcery
A world of song and magic stands on the precipice of abyss, rife with drama, sensuality, and mystery
Welcome to Fillimet
Generic article | Aug 7, 2021

START HERE: An Introduction to Fillimet, a bright high fantasy world full of hope and wonder.

Bright Fantasy Exploration & Discovery
Fillimet is a world of magic, exploration, and discovery, where unfamiliar backdrops slowly yield their secrets to reveal familiar motivations and relatable experiences.
  A catalogue of worlds using Ethnis Lite, and what permissions they have.  


Permissions: Full commercial usage.  


Permissions: Full commercial usage.  


Permissions: Full commercial usage.  

Galaxies End

Permissions: Full commercial usage.  


What is Libertas?
Generic article | Aug 3, 2019

What is the universe of Libertas? A pop-punk retrowave pastel nightmare, exploring themes of humanity, isolation and loss. Created for Ethnis Lite and Mothership RPG.


Libertas is divided. Eight hundred years ago, a great ark ship descended from the sky of an icy world, and settled upon something quite unalike promised paradise. Their ancestors had left home with a dream for a world to begin upon anew. But what had been squandered was never found, and The Tokyo didn't find New Eden. It found something resembling Helheim.

But that dream did not falter. Libertas was founded and for centuries has - if not prospered - survived. Spreading across a hostile solar system and creating a set of cultures that often clash, and rarely agree. Libertan space is dominated by inequality, corporate greed, and human stories of survival amidst it all.

Woven in are enigmatic figures and ancient history that clings to the last vestige of humanity. Baggage that has never been lost, just beaten a little by the passage of time. Libertas is humanity on its last legs, yet surviving - as we oft do.

Join the Sorcerer of Tea server, owned by Xanthuss, for updates on Libertas as well as his other projects including an LGBT blog and the occasional mini-RPG.
Libertas has permissions for full commercial usage packaged with products related to it.


Permissions: Full commercial usage.  

Ultima Thule

Permissions: Full commercial usage.  


Permissions: Full commercial usage.  


Permissions: Full commercial usage.


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