The Murph

Written by Barron

Since day one this project has been cursed by the Murph.   When people have actually died on your project. People whisper about the Murph cursing us. Server fried and got rid of all our code base? Murph's at it again. Little imp is going to doom us all.

The Project Sinker

The Murph is a mythical personification of Murphy's Law, the idea that if something could go wrong, it will go wrong. The Murph is often referenced in everyday Syndicate affairs when anything goes wrong. It can also be used when referencing a project that just seems to be unlucky or unsuccessful. The little imp has even been rumored to play a hand in employee deaths, especially if it is in the middle of a crucial project.  

Jim got sick day of the presentation. Ol' Murph got him.

Everytime I think we got the bug fixed, it pops back up somewhere else. I think the Murph's got this project.




Many companies have their own unique traditions to 'sate' the Murph. Recreational events that are held before a project begin often times are labeled "Murphies." The additional happiness given by these events are rumored to help ward off the Murph.



Many Net-Leech hackers use the Murph as references or covers when they operate to sabotage companies or commit nefarious acts. The Murph Collective is one such organization that uses the namesake to promote their activities.


In physical deceptions, the Murph is often a tiny red-skinned impish creature who wields an old-fashioned keyboard as a weapon. It is known to be sneaky, and can lurk around people without being detected. It will often be seen bashing in technology, or slamming people on the head to make them sick.   In every deception the Murph has a grating laugh, devilish in tone.

Cover image: Jupiter Syndicate Default Cover by Ademal


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 12

Write about a tale surrounding a mythological creature in your world.

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